About us

Qualitas Register of Shipping (QRS), is a Recognized Organization (RO), Recognized Security Organization (RSO) and Classification Society (CS) authorized to offer statutory/class certification and services.

QRS is carrying out surveys and issue statutory certificates for Panama, Republic of Panama.

QRS performs the necessary technical reviews, audits and surveys for statutory certificates including those related to:

  • 1974 SOLAS Convention
  • 1969 International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships
  • 1966 Load Line
  • MARPOL 73/78
  • COLREG 72
  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006
  • IMO Codes
  • STCW Convention
  • AFS Convention
  • Others.


  • To bring economic value to costumers through quality, health, safety, environment and Social responsability of their assets, products and systems, resulting in risk reduction and performance improvement.
  • To maintain the highest quality standards while safeguarding human life at sea and protecting marine environment for the benefit of the world.
  • To raise the professional standards and the international maritime image of the Republic of Panama, offering honest and high quality service.


  • To Promote and fulfill the standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other regulatory bodies.
  • To be a leader in developing a better quality of life at sea, through the implementation of safety and health standards.
  • To motivate a maritime world with fewer accidents and free of substandard ships.
  • We feel that we can serve to influence a more environmentally conscious maritime sector.
  • To carry out the instructions and delegations which have been granted to us.

Quality Policy

QUALITAS REGISTER OF SHIPPING and its staff are proud of being able to provide the shipping community with a service with the qualities of professionalism, technical knowledge, efficiency, promptness and quality required in all its services, always maintaining a strict confidentiality and ensuring the commitment of the faithful adherence of the national and international regulations established.

All activities of QUALITAS REGISTER OF SHIPPING are aimed at ensuring the safety of navigation and human life in the sea, the conservation of the environment and the safety of the activities related to the field of maritime transport as well as, to ensure compliance with the orders it receives from the Administrations and the customers.

Its organizational structure is in the interest of managing quality so that all of its elements are working with the goal that all its functions are interrelated forming a Quality Management System focused on continuous improvement.

Quality Objectives

QUALITAS REGISTER OF SHIPPING (QRS) has established quality objectives to comply with a high level of service standards for its customers, and to support its quality policy. These objectives demonstrate commitment of top management to satisfy the customer’s requirements as well as the search of continuous improvement:

  • Process the certificates that apply to the Panama Maritime Authority in a period not exceeding 60 days after the file is completed.
  • Issue certificates of the Recognized Organization within 60 days after completing the technical reviews.
  • Send the processed product to the customer within a period of 15 business days.
  • Review and approve plans within a period of no more than 30 days after receiving the request with all the required documents.
  • Authorize cases in a time not exceeding 10 days after receiving the request and the required documentation.
  • Maintain an operational risk management system with a maximum percentage of 10% of personal safety and environmental protection incidents with respect to the inspections carried out.
  • Analyze the non-conformities found in the management system to determine the corrective and preventive actions corresponding to safety and environmental protection.
  • Document 100% of the claims of vessels related to QRS that have to do with personnel and environmental contamination that are reported and take actions according to the Maritime Administration.

Code of Ethics

QUALITAS REGISTER OF SHIPPING works with principles or values that underpin our actions as professionals serving the national and international maritime community:

    Abide by, without exception, with dignity, rights and freedoms on the basis of work.

    We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgement and any recommendations that we give, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our clients.

    We will be honest to fully perform our duties promptly and ensure they are efficiently enforced.

    We will ensure access to technical information ensuring accuracy of the information.

    We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and associates.

    Promote and support with personal example the principles or values established in this Code of Ethics.