Paris MOU Concentrated Inspection Campaign starts on September 2023

The 2023 joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) by the Tokyo and Paris MOUs’ are a result of fire safety-related deficiencies. The PARIS MOU reported fire safety defects as the leading cause of deficiencies in 2022.

Another top deficiency category was ISM-related issues, which often also involve fire safety. According to the 2022 US Coast Guard Annual Report, fire safety deficiencies lead all deficiency categories for the second year in a row and the number of ISM related deficiencies increased compared to 2021.

USCG gives these observations:

  • Fire Safety: Oil accumulation in the engine room was again one of their primary findings, including oil-soaked insulation, fuel leaks, excessive oil in the bilge and open buckets filled with oily waste. Also, several deficiencies involved firefighting equipment that was not available for testing such as water-mist nozzles covered with plastic and tape, fire-extinguishing main control panel turned off, and CO2 storage room secured with a padlock with a missing key.
  • ISM: Most ISM related deficiencies were linked to vessel maintenance, poor reporting of non-conformities, and shipboard operations such as fuel shutoff valves found inoperable, and engine room smoke detectors also found inoperable. Similar to fire safety related deficiencies, a consistent lack of general cleanliness in the engine room was a typical cause.

Tokyo & Paris MOU CIC for three months

The CIC will last for three months and be included as an additional part of routine PSC inspections during the campaign period. The attending PSC Officers will use a questionnaire to verify specific topics and areas relevant to the CIC. 

Ships and their equipment should always be maintained in such a way as to ensure safe operations. Targeted PSC inspections announced in advance serve as reminders for companies and seafarers to focus on specific areas where a higher risk of accidents and/or non-compliance with international safety regulations could exist.
The Tokyo and Paris MOUs’ official CIC Questionnaire maybe found on the MOU websites. Owners/Managers should contact the ship´s classification society in advance of the CIC for more detailed information on survey procedures related to fire safety systems.

Paris MOU Press Release
Tokyo MOU Press Release

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